Preparing to Ride

Watch our video about getting ready and having a great ride!
This is the single best resource for getting ready for the event and making sure you have a safe and fun ride!

Rider and helmet numbers
All riders must wear a rider number, a helmet number, and a wristband. Learn about why you need to wear them and how to apply them.

Route timing and closing times
Learn how to maximize your ride time by reviewing the route and closing times.

Getting to the event
All the information you need to arrive on time!

Ride safety and riding with children
Learn how to have a safe ride and how to have a great ride with your family.

Safe and polite riding
Learn how to stay safe and be a good ride neighbor!

Get your bike ready to ride
Don’t forget to perform a quick safety check on your bike. A bike that runs smoothly will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Get yourself ready for the ride
Even if you rarely ride a bike, you’ll find it’s easy to prepare for a fun 15-mile ride at MB Bike the Drive.

For more information
Here are some resources that will make your ride more enjoyable at MB Bike the Drive.