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Rider and helmet numbers

Rider numbers, helmet numbers and wristbands

All riders must wear a rider number, a helmet number and a wristband for the following reasons.

1. Proof you are a paid participant
2. Access: The numbers are your ticket to the rest stops and festival.
3. Safety: We will know that you are part of the event.

You’ll receive your rider and helmet numbers and wristband in your registration packet.

1: Write down or remember your rider and helmet numbers.
2: Wear your rider number on your chest (front and center as in photo).
3: Wear your helmet number at the front and center of your helmet.
4. Put your wristband on either wrist.

Active Trans will be asking participants to show their rider numbers and wristbands at checkpoints along the route. We want to ensure this event is for paying participants only.

The numbers will easily peel off after the event. A little glass cleaner can help with any excess residue.


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