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Got a group of eight or more people who want to experience the ride and want to receive a $5 discount per adult? Consider signing up as a group of family members or friends—or as a workplace team-building event. Learn more about Corporate Groups here.

Families, friends, alumni associations, fraternities/sororities, block clubs, religious groups and more can take advantage of this special discount.

Of the eight group members, at least five must be adult registrants, or no more than three youth registrants. Adults are considered to be age 18 and older. Registrants age 17 and under are considered youths.

The more the merrier—groups can consist of more than eight people! Invite your family, coworkers, neighbors and friends to ride together.

Create a Group of 8 or More

Create a Group of Friends or Family 8 or more

Join an existing group

Manage your existing group