Safe and fun biking with children

Here are some tips for biking with children at MB Bike the Drive:

► Stay to the right if riding at a leisurely pace.

► Ride two abreast as a small group; this is polite traffic flow and still allows your family to interact with one another.

Talk to your children about safe riding and what’s going to happen at the event.

► Have your children carry your name and cell phone number on slips of paper.

► Make sure your children know to look for volunteers or police officers if lost.

► Stick close together as a group between 9 and 9:45 a.m. This is when our volunteers will help move participants off of Lake Shore Drive and onto the Lakefront Trail.

MB Bike the Drive has a dedicated volunteer team who will help out should anyone get separated from your group.

Here’s a fun quiz that you can do with your children before coming to the event to learn more about having a great ride and how to keep together.


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