Safe and polite riding

Stay safe on the ride by following these tips

► Give your bike a quick safety check.

► Do some riding before the event.

► Wear a helmet. Helmets are required by our release waiver.

► Don’t wear headphones during the ride; it’s against the law!

► Please don’t talk on your cell phone while riding the route. If you must use your cell phone move to the curb and out of the bike traffic area.  

► Be alert and aware of your surroundings; watch for hazards.

► Please help volunteers do their job; they are working to keep your ride safe.


Photo credit: Brightroom

Here are some pointers for polite riding

► Ride on the right if riding at a leisurely pace.

► Pass on the left. When passing, give plenty of room and say “on your left.”

► Don’t ride more than two abreast if you are in a group or family.

► Look for oncoming bikes before moving to the right or left. Hand signal your lane change to alert other bicylist of your intensions.  

► Use recycling and trash receptacles if you have refuse during the ride.


Please bring these items on the ride

► Stay cool – bring a water bottle and sunscreen.

► Bring a lock; plenty of bicycle racks are available near the festival.

► Bring appropriate clothing; it could be a bit chilly in the morning and warmer later.

► Bring your ID and some spending money.


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