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Volunteer FAQ

These FAQs pertain to all volunteers

What is the age requirement?

We require volunteers to be 15 or older. Groups of teens need to be accompanied by adults in a ratio of 8:1.

How do I register to volunteer?

All registration is online. Visit to sign up for the volunteer post that is best for you

Can I participate and volunteer?

Yes! You can participate at pre-event jobs such as packet pick-ups and then ride on the day of the event. If you volunteer for 6 or more hours before the event, you get to participate for free. BUT you cannot volunteer the day of and also participate. All volunteer shifts at the event overlap with the event. 

Can I volunteer for more than one task?

We love your enthusiasm! You can volunteer for both pre-event and day-of positions if you like. For instance, you can volunteer at a packet pick up location and volunteer at a rest stop on event day. Be sure to clarify your wish to do both pre- and day-of volunteering by contacting our volunteer coordinator, at [email protected].


Can I volunteer with a friend?

We love that you want to volunteer together with friends and family members. We’ll do our best to keep friends and groups together when it’s feasible, but to help us out please have every individual who would like to volunteer together fill out volunteer registration separately and select the same job shift.


Where and when will I be volunteering?

Fifth Third Bike the Drive needs more than 600 volunteers, so there are lots of different position and jobs that we need filled.

When registering, please make sure you read the descriptions fully so that you know when and where to check in for you volunteer shift. Please be prepared to arrive to your designated check-in location 15 minutes before your scheduled start time.

What do I get for volunteering?

If you volunteer 6 hours pre-event, you will receive one complimentary entrance to Fifth Third Bike the Drive. If you volunteer at the event, you will receive a volunteer t-shirt and complimentary pancake breakfast in the festival area after your shift.

How do I prepare for my volunteer job?

Read ALL emails regarding your volunteer duties and follow up with any questions from the volunteer coordinator. If you are a first-time day-of-event volunteer, attend one volunteer training session at the Active Trans office on Thursday, May 16th from 6-7:30pm or Saturday, May 18th from 10-11:30am.

What do I do when I show up to volunteer?

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your assigned time. Check in at your designated volunteer tent; volunteer tents are located at the start, north and south rest stops, and at check-points along Lake Shore Drive. Tell the volunteer manager your name, location of volunteer task, and t-shirt size. 

What do I bring with me when I volunteer the day of event?

Check the weather and plan accordingly. Make sure you bring water, comfortable shoes, snacks, sunscreen and anything else you may need for a 6-hour outdoor event. 

What is a volunteer group?

Volunteer groups are from non-profit or community organizations that commit to bringing at least 15 volunteers to Fifth Third Bike the Drive. Groups who do so can earn a $200 stipend. If you wish to form a volunteer group, email our volunteer coordinator at [email protected].

I loved it! Are there other events where I can volunteer?

Yes! We always need volunteers! Check our website to learn about additional volunteering opportunities: