2024 Volunteer Registration Is OPEN!

Bike the Drive is a fundraiser for Active Transportation Alliance, a membership-based non-profit advocacy organization working to improve conditions for walking, biking, and public transit throughout Chicagoland.

We couldn’t pull off an event like this without the support of hundreds of volunteers who donate their time to support our work. We are thrilled to welcome back participants and volunteers to outdoor events in a fun way!

To show our appreciation, pre-event volunteers working a 4-to-6-hour shift will earn a complimentary registration ticket to Bike the Drive. Day-of-event volunteers will receive a volunteer t-shirt and complimentary breakfast – plus an Volunteer Appreciation Party at the SRAM/Google Rooftop!

Bike the Drive is a fundraiser held by

Active Transportation Alliance is a non-profit advocacy organization working to improve conditions for walking, biking, and public transit throughout chicagoland.



All Pre-event volunteers will receive a code to register after they complete their volunteer shift. To ensure that everyone gets to volunteer please make sure that you can commit to the shift date and location before signing up. We ask that you only sign up 1 person at a time.

Office Help:

Join us at our offices to pack supplies, create materials and work on volunteer materials. Weekend and evening shifts are available!

Outreach: Distribute important information to large residential buildings along the lakefront. Must be able to travel up to 3 miles. We do not allow multiple volunteers for one Outreach area.

Storage Unit: Sort through, prep, and pack event materials at our Storage Unit. Tasks include inventory, sorting t-shirts and packing materials for each rest stop and checkpoint. Must be able to lift 25-50 lbs. Weekend and evening shifts are available! 

Event Set-up: Move event supplies, set up tables, arrange T-shirt boxes, hang signs and unload trucks. This position requires lifting and/or manual labor. The morning shift must be willing to travel to multiple locations. This position occurs outdoors and requires lifting, up to 50 lbs. and/or manual labor.


Course Marshal: Enthusiastically encourage riders and direct them safely along the course. 

Ride Marshal: Patrol the route, fix flat tires and make adjustments, and encourage safe bicycling among event participants. This role requires cyclist experienced in bike repair. Bring your own tools if you have them. First aid training and medical experience is a plus. 

Checkpoint Marshal: Ensure that all riders are registered for the event, direct riders towards the correct route, and assist with day-of-event registration. 

Green Team Marshals: Help divert thousands of pounds waste from the landfill by instructing riders to separate waste into recycling and trash bins. 

Volunteer Accommodations: Rides along with participants to check on the volunteers and replenish water and supplies. Volunteers in this role must have their own bike and trailer to transport volunteer supplies. 

Rest Stops Volunteers: Refuel participants with fruit, snacks and water. Assist handing out participant t-shirts. This is an ideal group volunteer opportunity. 

Festival: Help with final set-up, t-shirt pickup, coffee tent, 30 Mile Challenge, bike valet and more. 

SAG Drivers: Help transport participants and bikes that break down during the ride. SAG drivers will use Car Share vehicles – we’ll help you get registered! 

Event Breakdown: Collect signs from the festival area, break down tables, repack supplies and load boxes onto trucks. This position requires heavy lifting and/or manual labor but you will be adored and referred to as a HERO by our Event staff! All breakdown volunteers are eligible for a free ticket. They must complete their shift after the event or they will not be allowed to volunteer in the future.


In order to better support charitable and non-profit organizations, we’ve increased our volunteer group stipends. We offer a $250 donation to charitable or community organizations that provide 8-14 volunteers for the day of the event, and a $350 donation to groups of 15 or more. Below are the requirements for volunteer groups. If you do not meet these requirements, please register to volunteer as an individual. 

  • Must be charitable or nonprofit organization to receive the donation. Corporate groups are also welcome, but must select a registered nonprofit to receive the donation. 
  • Must provide a minimum of 8 volunteers to qualify for a donation. One volunteer cannot count towards multiple groups. 
  • Must have a designated leader who will be the point of contact. Group leaders must schedule a 30-minute training phone call with our Volunteer Coordinator. 

If interested in signing up as a volunteer group, please email Volunteer & Events Manager at [email protected]


Have a question about volunteering? Please contact [email protected].

What participants have said about Bike the Drive

“Your volunteers were fun and involved, singing and encouraging us as we rode. Everything was so well organized. Love this event.”

“I had a great time and will definitely be participating next year!!”

“I’ve ridden almost every year since the first one and it seems to get better every year.”

Bike the Drive is produced by and benefits

Active Transportation Alliance is a non-profit advocacy organization working to improve conditions for walking, biking, and public transit throughout chicagoland.

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